It’s not about amassing a sea of customers, rather we endeavor to offer robust, enduring, and premium shoes to our community of content patrons worldwide.


Being acknowledged as the premier formal footwear brand renowned for excellence in both quality and service, crafted with an unparalleled touch of elegance, is our pinnacle goal.

Elevating sophistication since 2015

We are the artisans of formal men's footwear fashion, dedicated to crafting excellence and delivering unparalleled quality beyond borders. With almost a decade of thriving in the bulk business, both in India and overseas, we've embarked on a fresh stride – bringing our classy footwear right to your doorstep.

Our team is relentless in curating authentic, in-vogue styles to bring out the debonair essence in every man, allowing their natural charm and elegance to radiate. Elevate your comfort with our meticulously crafted, sustainable shoes made from premium materials and durable, lightweight leather. Featuring high-quality thermoplastic rubber soles, our footwear promises nothing but the best. Each pair we offer serves as a testament, showcasing that we don't just prioritize fit; we aim to captivate.

For us, it’s not just about the brand but also the smiles we bring, the comfort we provide, and the satisfaction we guarantee. Customer happiness stands at the top of our list, and we've harnessed experience, honed skills, and assembled a diligent workforce passionate about elevating your stepping experience. We stand firm in our belief that true luxury lies in the fusion of exceptional design, uncompromising quality, and fair, justified pricing.

Step into a world where style meets sustainability, quality reigns supreme, and your satisfaction is our ultimate triumph.

You can contact us at:

Address: 6-B/B 1st Floor Kalyan Vishranti Bhavan Station Road, Indore (452001)

Contact no: +91-9644000031

Email id: sales@tungstenshoes.in